Posted by: CASTRO | March 13, 2008

Thursday bloggin’

So I started this new blog, and I have some big plans for it. I want to constantly bombard you (whoever YOU are? I don’t know, friends, family, fans, unsuspecting public, whoever) with updates, art,  things going on in my life, shows I’ll be attending. You get the idea. I’m sitting here at work, working on some turnaround illustrations or control drawings, of something TOP SECRET. You know TOP SECRET means I can’t tell you shit. But I can tell you that I can’t tell you shit about what I’m working on. See how that works? So that’s it for now.



  1. Well, I look forward to finding out what else you’ll not tell us about in your day. That’s a funny post. I just found your blog, and read that…and thought, I gotta comment! Take it easy.

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