Posted by: CASTRO | May 22, 2008

So in case you’re wondering…

NO, I’m not dead! I am very much alive and kicking, just busy as fu@#! Being a family man it is hard to juggle the family life, work, freelance, and trying to express myself artistically from time to time. At work I am an idea guy, a thinker, or like the boss says one of the “geniuses”. I like the sound of that. At home I am daddy, papa bear (as my beautiful wife calls me), the gardener, the mechanic, video game challenger, pool guy, toy picker-upper, and the dude who keeps it all together. Sometimes I just get burned out with everything that’s going on in my life and go into a sort of walking coma. So how do I have any time for freelance work and creative expression? That my friends, I am still trying to find the answer to. (If you know the secret, please let me know.)



  1. I feel ya homie! I know where you’re coming from 100%! Hang in there!

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