Posted by: CASTRO | July 10, 2008

Vatos Locos Forever!!!

people have been asking me, exactly what the hell is Vatos Locos Forever? some people don’t understand it, some people do, and most people are loving the designs already, even not knowing what it is. well, what it is, is kind of a side art/clothing/propaganda project. i plan on creating art pieces, prints, stickers, t-shirts and many other items with a heavy chicano art, lowrider, tattoo influence. think of how many ordinary people, brands, shirts, skateboards, and things you see everyday and then imagine if they were gangstered up like a mutha fu@#a. another thing i want to do is turn regular people (guys and girls) into tooned vatos locos and homegirls, this will be on a pay-per-piece basis. my goal is to create a massive collection of VLF toons and have people replace their default pics and avatars on sites like myspace, friendster, facebook, etc. taking over the online world one Vato Loco at a time. i would eventually like to create an online and printed yearbook of these illustrations. stay tuned homies…..



  1. i had NO idea this was urs! cant wait!

  2. were can i buy those oldschool la raza tshirts

  3. 4 ever vatos locos

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