Posted by: CASTRO | July 18, 2008

Some People…

we all see it everyday, people taking art that doesn’t belong to them and posting it on a blog or using it as a picture on a website, but hey when it happens to us…Maisto, we don’t like it and we don’t take it lightly. Especially when they blatantly use the exact same artwork, with a minor, very minor change.

this work was created by me for the front of a Maisto Outlaws t-shirt, you’ll see the original artwork first, then the fake/copy version after sporting some new verbage about “staying true”. how does one “stay true”, when you steal someone else’s artwork? a question for you all to ponder. down with the fakes!!!!

I would post the link to their page, but i don’t want to give them any kind of recognition or spike in traffic. if you want to look it up, just google it. don’t mess with the bull buddy…



  1. You said it “some people”

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