Posted by: CASTRO | July 22, 2008


when Nas and Kelis showed up to the grammy awards rockin shirts with the word “NI**ER” acrossed them, people were buggin out. most people thought well, he’s just trying to get attention and promote his album…

the new album, which was originally gonna be titled “NI**ER”, but I’m sure after several meetings and internal discussions, was released with a different cover and a new name, “NAS”. i’m at a loss for words with this album, after people talk about how far we’ve come as human beings, the reality is, things have not changed much. the man is strong and his lyrics are unmatched in this day and age, all I have to say is homeboy speaks the truth. and if you don’t understand his point throughout this album, most likely he’s talking about you!

The album is fire, musically and mentally. cop it.


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