Posted by: CASTRO | July 30, 2008

On The Grind…

So, let’s see where do we start?…Well, I’ve been on the hustle fam, forreal. I just finished up some designs for Confused Clothing, that will be available soon. I’m working on some greeting card artwork, should be cool when I’m done. I’m currently working on a new site for my new clothing line called “GANGSTERBILLY™”. The shit has been in the works for a while now, those of you that know me or follow what I do know that I have another line called Ghetto Brand, well that one is going back in the vault for now, and Gangsterbilly™ is coming out of the dust. Here is a little bio for the line:

GANGSTERBILLY™ …“A Working Class Brand”
Greased up hair, rockabilly music, a hopped-up ride, tattoos, and a bad attitude are what define the Gangsterbilly™ lifestyle. Fast cars and faster women…is just how we roll! Everyday is a roll of the dice, and there are no regrets. We grew up being taught that we have to work for what’s ours, nothing is handed to us, family always comes first, and always show respect when respect is due.

Gangsterbilly™ is now printing up it’s fall ‘08 lineup. These designs will be available exclusively on (design still in the works) and for now, check out our myspace at (also, still in the works) for more info.

Keep Wreckin’! 


I will be releasing images of the designs and more info real soon. I’m setting the blog and site with store up now. Also there will be some Gangsterbilly™ locs for sale, so be sure and cop them when the go up! I want to give a shout out to the homie for reaching out to help support! Big Things coming soon familia, keep it locked!




  1. nice cant wait!

  2. I see the hustle and its inspiring nigga, keep doin it big!

  3. You know I support all you do homie! That’s what homies are for!

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