Posted by: CASTRO | August 19, 2008

download… (long overdue)

so i’ve been a little swamped. trying to upstart a t-shirt company is not an easy task, especially when you have a full-time job, freelance work, oh yeah and a family! i’ve been dealing with a deadbeat renter who thrashed my old house (the first home my wife and I bought together) and it’s been nothing but a headache. it’s such a drag when you are such a kindhearted person and you try to be nice, then someone fully takes advantage of you and basically tells you to fuck off, you don’t know how hard it was for my beautiful wife not to put her fist down this trashy bitch’s throat! but my wife has class and we maintained, but that trash hasn’t heard the last from us. she’ll get what’s coming to her, she can believe that! when will people learn that they never get anywhere trying to fuck people over? and nice people for that matter? i might look like a bad mother fucker, but believe me when i say i have a heart of gold. but i strongly believe in karma…and it can be a mother fucker…..

so aside from trashy, low-life, despicable, low-class, did I say trashy? people to deal with, we’re trying to hold the fort down, pay the bills, and run a company. it’s taken a toll on us no doubt, but we will pull through, we always do.

gangsterbilly is ready to rock and roll, the shirts are being held back a little because of issues with getting the type of shirts we want (we want only the best for you!) the gangsterbilly locs can be ordered right now, by sending us a message on our myspace page ( until the site is up. the price is $24.99 plus $5 for shipping & handling. i’m currently working on a gangsterbilly website that will be up shortly, we want to make sure it’s a kick ass site! i’ll keep you posted. keep an eye out for us on the ACE MAGAZINE flyer out at the Primer Nationals!

as far as CA$TRO’s art well, i have a new idea i’m gonna try out. it’s gonna be hard as hell because I have a lot of shit going on, but I’m really gonna try. in hopes of generating more frequent traffic on my blog, I’m gonna try to do a sketch every day! a sketch, a drawing, a doodle, a rendering, whatever, some type of art, every day and post it up! even the smallest doodle in my book. be prepared to see some crazy shit that come’s out of CA$TRO’s head. i’m serious, it’s gonna be bananas!

for anyone wondering what’s going on at Maisto, well check out the Daily Dose, we have a lot of stuff going on. expect a new announcement very shortly! it’s a big one! if you haven’t already done so, check out the gangsterbilly blog and myspace, add us to your friends, add CA$TRO to your friends, and follow me on TWITTER, you can see what i’m doing daily! hopefully i’ll see you at the primer nats, if not i’ll see you right here!



  1. man that blows..i woulda kicked some ass lol
    but i totally feel ya on a tee shirt company its more drama and work than expected but its still fun!

  2. Keep your head up homie! Let me know if I need to take a ride out there to handle some business! Gangsterbilly is ill and I’m glad we were able to make the deadline and get it in the magazine.

  3. Good luck wit it Castro!!!

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