Posted by: CASTRO | August 20, 2008

New Sketchbook!

so i bought a couple of these cheap little composition books just to doodle in daily…yes i said daily. i probably have a zillion sketchbooks, but i’m gonna start fresh and new. i’m gonna try to post a daily sketch, doodle, graffiti, whatever….i’ll post something. so tell your friends…pass the word around…link me, whatever and check back daily for updates. this will be fun!

here’s the cover with a West Coast Customs sticker i picked up at MAGIC.


and here is the first page and the first sketch/doodle in the book….this one is from last night, i’m gonna try to post another today! enjoy!



  1. i love this sketch

  2. Hey Castro!
    We should sculpt up one of these mofo’s.
    Hit me up playa!

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