Posted by: CASTRO | September 9, 2008


things have been nonstop it seems lately. I can’t even find time to sit back and chill. i recently finished a few t-shirt designs that I will post up soon for a client. I updated and, they now have landing pages, rather than that stupid “this site is parked here” bullshit! enough of that already. I am currently working on a logo design for a dope upcoming MMA lifestyle brand and a cd cover and logo for my homeboys punk band 3 8-O-8, check out their myspace profile, killer shit!

i’ve been busy cleaning up the old pad to get it listed…it’s now for sale once again. (but FU@# THAT PUTA! that trashed my families first home, she can eat a fat one!) remember…I strongly believe in karma…and it’s a mutha fu@#a!

anyhoo, the gangsterbilly shirts are on the way…sometime in the near future, they just might have to roll out a little slower, and possibly in limited numbers. (you know how us vatos locos do it…SLOW AND LOW! CHOW!!!!)

I have a killer sketch I’ve been meaning to upload, but my fuggin scanner took a dump on me…well the driver, seems when you update your OS, old shit doesn’t work anymore…go figure. It’s all about the $$$$$$$ dolla dolla bill y’all! so I’ll upload that shit tomorrow! who’s feelin the sketches? they are what they are…just doodles, I hope you like em, gives you a little peak into my crazy head. scary huh?

I’ve been way busy at work…Maisto, something major is in the works…I can’t say what it is yet, but I think it’s pretty badass, I know you will too! I’ll keep you posted.

BTW, anyone seen what DSTROYR, CXA, and xWEDx are up to? COOL SHIT! Don’t Sleep!


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