Posted by: CASTRO | September 15, 2008


I’ve been thinking about this for a Long, I mean Long time! And I think I’m gonna finally do it. It seems so obvious…As soon as I get some decent pricing, I’m gonna bust a few of these. Hopefully fitted, New Era would be sweet, but I don’t know if they do custom orders, I haven’t really looked into it. I’m just thinking of doing these for myself obviously, but if the demand was there, I could be persuaded to do a slightly bigger run. Anyways…Compton’s, I mean Castro’s in the House!



  1. Hey email me I can tell you who to hit up and the minimums and shit like that
    ive inquired about new eras as well and got a response

  2. Sick! The Hundreds did one for their pop up shop last month.

    BTW, I got a guy here in LA that sells a fitted that is identical to a New Era and can even customize the foil sticker!

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