Posted by: CASTRO | October 23, 2008

The download…

I’ve been crazy busy at Maisto for a while now, which in this shitty economy is good news I guess. We’ve been hammering out stuff for our 2009 catalog, packages, 2009 product, drafts, revisions, corrections, create, mockup, send to HK…you get the picture. Now we’re brainstorming ideas for 2010, we’ve just been so busy, it’s been tough to get anything done. Let alone personal or freelance work when I’m at home. I love my job don’t get me wrong, it’s just hard to create when you’re constantly “working”. If that makes sense to you? Creating is a job that not everyone can do, believe me! I’ve been coming home tired, and mentally drained for a while now, not just from work, but from life…

I watched most of the debates and honestly I am more frightened of the future of our “great nation” now, more than ever. The economy has gone to shit, I make more money now than I did before, and I’m more broke than I ever was. How is that? I have two homes, both now not worth what I paid for them! I mean not in my life have I ever gave a damn about politics, but believe me, my feelings have changed. If you don’t do anything, then you can basically just shut the hell up, bend over, get comfortable, and stop your fuckin complaining! I’m tired of the way things are, and I’m gonna complain, and I’m gonna be heard. Sure it’s a small part in the big scheme, but hey, it’s a start.


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