Posted by: CASTRO | December 10, 2008

The Hundreds x Disney

I personally am so envious of this collab, not because I have to have it, only because ever since I was a kid it was always my dream to work in animation, something, anything that had to do with cartoons! Although all the shirts aren’t really my style, I dig the one that has all the lost boys on it, and the twins are definitely dope! Kind of reminds me of TreDeeZee’s twins Trace and Al from Chub City for some reason. Of course the Captain Hook hat is fresh, but not sure if I could pull off (I mean I know, I could NOT pull off) the green Peter Pan hat, umm, that’s just not me. Still a fuckin cool collab, I mean Disney?!!! Come on….I would love to be the next Disney. A friend of mine once told me that there is an empty spot for a star on the hollywood walk of fame, right next to Disney and Charles Schultz, now if that ain’t fuckin inspiring, I don’t know what is…


Each of the Lost Boys gets their own t-shirt, offered in their own unique colorway and our familiar black. There are only 200 of each character, in each colorway, produced worldwide.






There’s only 100 of each colorway in the TENS x DISNEY Tinkerbell t-shirt.

Here are the exclusive, limited-edition New Era 59/50 fitted baseball caps to coincide with the project. There are 2 hats, the first correlating with Peter Pan’s hat, constructed of a green felt, 3-D embroidered Pan feather and the script on the backside.

And of course, the second hat is Captain Hook’s rendition, made of black felt and accented with Hook’s 3-D embroidered skull-and-bones.  There are only 100 of each hat available for sale, worldwide.

THE HUNDREDS x DISNEY drops this Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at The Hundreds Los Angeles and The Hundreds San Francisco, along with select TH retailers across the States.



  1. Saw the collection at TH yesterday and it is sick! I too cannot pull off most of the line but like you said its Disney and not many brands can add them to their resume.

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