Posted by: CASTRO | January 4, 2009

This one too!!! 9

This one looks awesome, it is “9” by Tim Burton. If you didn’t know already, the wife and I are huge Tim Burton and The Nightmare Before Christmas fans! I love post-apocalyptic type movies and anything with that steampunk type feel! This one looks like it’s gonna kick some major ass, Coraline does too! Ever since I was a kid I would dream up these strange places and creatures, so you could see why I turned out to be an artist. I would draw these worlds and crazy characters, or just imagine them and pretend I was there. I would really like to explore more of this in my work and be able to share my work with more people. I really feel I haven’t found my true calling in the artworld yet, I mean I love my job don’t get me wrong, I create toys and that’s the next best thing, but I feel there is more in store for me in the future! Who knows what it may bring!


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