Posted by: CASTRO | April 4, 2009

Friday Throwback!!!

When I was in high school I used to be a little knucklehead, I loved anything to do with throwing a middle finger up to authority figures! I was heavily into graffiti and lord only knows what else. I used to rock clothing from 187 Hudda, Sucker Brand, Dickies, and what not. I was looking through some folders of my old drawings and stuff, and low and behold I found this old Sucker ad I saved. This shit brings back some memories…and look at the signature, Mr. Toons, sound familiar? YEAH!




  1. we used to wear this brand here in Bangkok, Thailand back in the mid 90’s! along with shits like Rudeboy, Blunt, Tribal, Top2bot’m etc etc… damn that’s some good old days stuffs. thank you for the post. and pls. post more of these if you have some more. respect!

  2. Great, please post more if you have 🙂

  3. Hi there,
    i have got an oldschool sweater from sucker brand, with the logo as seen above on the chest and a big printing on the back. The zip-hoodie has the size XL, but i would say its rather L. If your interested write me with an offer.

    • yo man sure, send the flix of the hoodie to chun_g hotmail and we’ll work it out. peace

  4. Hi my friend,

    I come from Germany and need help. Where can I buy Sucker Brand clothes? Can you help me and send me a Internetsite. Please!!!!


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