Posted by: CASTRO | April 8, 2009


How many of you out there follow my daily happenings and read my posts, blogs, tweets, new art updates? I have for the longest time been spread so thin over so many different formats and forums, that it is getting impossible to keep up with everything. For the longest time I haven’t updated my websites, but instead I was updating the blogs and myspace because it was just easier. Even those, I have trouble finding the time to update with my latest work.

I guess it’s a good thing, being busy and all in this upside down economy. Of course, some things I can’t post. A lot of work I do, especially for Maisto is confidential, and I can’t post until the  product is available to the public (just in case you were wondering.) I currently have two twitter accounts (castro13 and gangsterbilly), 4 blogs (if you count Maisto’s Daily Dose, Castro13 aka The City of Dope (You’re Here), Vato’s Locos Forever, which I barely update because there’s just never enough time, and Gangsterbilly!), 4 myspace accounts, a facebook, and various websites (that I almost never have time to update).

So I’m thinking maybe I should be slimming it down, where you could go to one site, and find everything. What do you think? Would you rather just go to the Gangsterbilly blog and hear about my art and what not? Or should I keep them seperate? Or should I Keep only two and lose the rest…like keep Gangsterbilly and Vatos Locos Forever as my two sites and blogs, then lose this one and the rest…But everyone knows me as CASTRO, if I lose this blog, am I missing my audience? FU**!!! This really drives me crazy thinking about all of this! What are your thoughts?



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