Posted by: CASTRO | April 29, 2009

Mind Like Water!

If you’ve been paying attention, things have been pretty crazy at work, and on the homefront, I’ve been kind of on autopilot when I get home. I have this cool idea to update my myspace page, hopefully I can work it into the daily schedule. I’ve had a little freelance, still working on those greeting cards (probably the longest ongoing freelance job I’ve ever had, sorry Jay, we’ll get the rest knocked out!), and a couple of other lingering jobs. I’m done with all the friggin packaging at Maisto, and now I’m busting crazy e-sheets tomorrow and thursday, RB I’m finishing that shit by 5 on Thurs. as promised!!!

Gangsterbilly is rolling like an 18-wheeler with no breaks! Just shipped our first shipment to Pass and Stow in Bristol, PA, and we’d like to Thank Stress and Kelly for believing in our line and Thank all of our kick ass supporters! Most of you have been down from day 1, and believe me, we notice, and will always remember this!

The wifey and I hit up John Hampton’s 40th birthday last Saturday and had a blast, kickin it with the usual suspects, eD! (Rock Da Mullet), Carlos III, Kevin G, Mando, Jae Bueno, Miggy, Crackajack,  Gerardo, and of course John Hampton! Live music by Good Man Down and some Good Eats!



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