Posted by: CASTRO | May 20, 2009

Rantings of a Crazy Old Man!

I remember growing up with the fear of God instilled in my little brain. As I’m sitting here at the courts, waiting to be called in for something stupid my son did, I’m reminiscing.  I hear some older people down the hall talking about how the youngsters have no respect, no respect for others around them and no respect for themselves! And it’s true! They have no respect, no self respect and they are spoiled beyond belief!

I mean I was no angel growing up, believe me, but I did have that fear, that fear of getting my ass beat if I did something wrong, or the fear of getting arrested and going to jail. I got caught shoplifting ONCE! And never did it again!

These kids have everything, way more than we ever dreamed of having, and they think the world owes them more! They think they can do whatever they feel like doing and there are no reprocussions for it. I tell my son, even the stupidest little thing can be misconstrude or blow up into something major!

When my mom was locked up my grades were the worst, and they got worse as time went on. Then when I moved in with my uncle I had that fear again, but he would also belittle me and try to make me feel so low, because of my mom and how we were raised. So I started getting good grades again, not from the fear of getting my ass beat, but to prove to my uncle that he was wrong! Prove to him I wasn’t just another stupid kid, gang banger, or lowlife!

Sometimes it takes a punch in the face or a close call for us to wake up and change our ways. Now I’m finishing up this little rant days later because we finally got called into the court room. I hope my son and all you knuckleheads reading this change your ways, learn from us older generation’s mistakes and wisdom, we aren’t just telling u to be assholes, but to guide you in the right direction. Unless getting killed or locked up is your sort of thing, but I decided when I was about 16/17 it wasn’t for me. No, I wanted something better…

You may see some things in my art that reflect the gangster lifestyle, shit my clothing line is called gangsterbilly (but that’s a whole different meaning to me), and that’s because I grew up with it, it will always be there, that doesn’t mean I go out and pull some shit late at night, or hang out on the streets with the homies getting fucked up, that’s my old life, it’s history. I’m a family man, I live for my kids and my beautiful wife. Familia is the most important thing in your life, never forget that. I’ve seen it way too many times, you know who will really be there for you in your life, your family will always be there…the homies, well they seem to disappear when you need them the most.



  1. Damn. That was deep. Good shit and Happy New Years.

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