Posted by: CASTRO | June 15, 2009

LAKERS WIN!!! LET’S RIOT!!! (assholes)


Kobe and the rest of the Lakers did the damn thang last night and pulled off a 99-86 victory in game 5 of the NBA Finals! Props to Kobe, Gasol, Fisher (who saved our asses in game 4), Odem, Ariza, and the rest of the team, everyone did their part. Many haters counted them out, calling them the fakers, trash talking Kobe, and saying he couldn’t do it without the help of Shaq, but you have to respect the greatness of this team and the extreme talent possessed by Bryant. It was a great day, and 10 Championships by Phil Jackson? Come on!!! The man is a legend!

It was a bitter sweet victory though as everyone was so happy the Lakers won their 15th NBA Championship, afterwards instead of celebrating some low lives (yeah some real fu**ing scumbags! if you’re reading this, yeah I’m talking to you!) decided to cause havoc, burn shit and loot. I mean come on! What the fu** is the point? Really there is no need for that, and if you were out trashing the town, destroying property, looting and burning shit, really you should be shot! Seriously, you’ll never amount to shit, and never have. You give the rest of the working people a bad name. The world would really be a better place without the likes of people like that.


This poor guy’s sneaker store “The Holy Grail” was trashed and looted , here he is surveying the damage left behind. Just think people, this guy is just like you, trying to get by and you go and trash his shit so you can run off with some new sneakers…that’s fu**in low class. Read the story here! Sad day for L.A. when it should be a celebration!



  1. The Black Mamba is the truth! I’m happy he got this ring to prove the naysayers wrong!

  2. lakers are going win the champs 2020

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