Posted by: CASTRO | June 30, 2009

RIP to the King of Pop


I know Michael passed last Thursday and the news is all over the world, people buying up his records, making short run tribute tee shirts. OMG, twitter was blowing up on Thurs. when the first reports of him being rushed to the hospital were going around, and TMZ (who I can’t stand) seemed to have broke the news of his death before anyone (which I still don’t get.) I can’t say that I cried, but I did feel really sad when I heard the news, I really didn’t want to believe it, just brushing it off as a rumor, because he was more than just a pop icon, and regardless of what he was accused of (never convicted), he made amazing music, and as one of his songs plainly says, he was here to change the world! He did just that, I remember when I was a little guy, I was all about MJ (I had a Michael Jackson action figure, yes action figure, NOT DOLL!), all about breakin, poppin, moonwalkin, and yes I would dance around trying to be just like him! (with the single glove y’all!) I grew up on his music, never saw him live, but always appreciated his music. When my wife and I got married our first dance together as a married couple was to “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson 5. So when the BET Awards were on last night and Jaime Foxx and Neyo sang it at the end of the show, while showing pictures of Michael, my wife and I were holding hands….and then finally, yes my eyes teared up, cause I realised yes, he’s really gone. He will truly be missed! I plan on doing a tribute art piece in memory of Michael and I will keep you posted with the progress. The pic above was a quick tribute photoshop piece I did with an image I found on the web.

I’d like to also send prayers and thoughts to the families of Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays…Just remember friends, Life is TOO SHORT! LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!!!


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