Posted by: CASTRO | February 4, 2010

Sorry Folks…

You know I get so lost sometimes in all the things going on, sometimes I forget the little things, the things that are just as important, but get brushed off for larger or more pressing issues. This blog for example, my websites (all of them, lol). I didn’t realize I was still getting a lot of daily traffic here. As you know I’m a full-time designer for Maisto, one of the coolest die-cast, r/c and toy companies around. That takes up a lot of my time, always something new, coming up with concepts, designing logos and packaging and day to day operations that sometimes spill into my time at home. No worries, I love my job, it’s just I also have a family, I do some freelance work, and I’m trying to expand my clothing brand “Gangsterbilly”. So sometimes I have trouble posting on my blogs or updating my sites, but that is why. There’s just so much going on. I’ll be traveling to Vegas this month for the Die-cast Super Convention and found out at the end of last year, I will be taking my first trip to Hong Kong (Yeah, as in China) in May. There are so many cool products I could post, art I could update you on, if I could just find some time to sit down and do it. That is my new goal to try to make time for daily posting, especially on and my new site when it’s done. That’s when this blog will be migrating over to my Castro’s Garage site. I hope everyone is doing well, and if you haven’t checked out my new designs at Gangsterbilly go check ’em out. They came out great! Take care!


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