Posted by: CASTRO | April 29, 2009

Mind Like Water!

If you’ve been paying attention, things have been pretty crazy at work, and on the homefront, I’ve been kind of on autopilot when I get home. I have this cool idea to update my myspace page, hopefully I can work it into the daily schedule. I’ve had a little freelance, still working on those greeting cards (probably the longest ongoing freelance job I’ve ever had, sorry Jay, we’ll get the rest knocked out!), and a couple of other lingering jobs. I’m done with all the friggin packaging at Maisto, and now I’m busting crazy e-sheets tomorrow and thursday, RB I’m finishing that shit by 5 on Thurs. as promised!!!

Gangsterbilly is rolling like an 18-wheeler with no breaks! Just shipped our first shipment to Pass and Stow in Bristol, PA, and we’d like to Thank Stress and Kelly for believing in our line and Thank all of our kick ass supporters! Most of you have been down from day 1, and believe me, we notice, and will always remember this!

The wifey and I hit up John Hampton’s 40th birthday last Saturday and had a blast, kickin it with the usual suspects, eD! (Rock Da Mullet), Carlos III, Kevin G, Mando, Jae Bueno, Miggy, Crackajack,  Gerardo, and of course John Hampton! Live music by Good Man Down and some Good Eats!



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Posted by: CASTRO | April 18, 2009

Gangsterbilly Drop!!!

The new Gangsterbilly tees are ready and available for purchase! The shop has been updated, CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!

Posted by: CASTRO | April 8, 2009

Cholo Skate…

I know there are really some Cholo Skaters out there, shit I used to be one, and that’s totally who I’m looking for to be on the Gangsterbilly skate and street team, but what does this song and video have to do with Cholo Skaters? I see a catchy song, some cholos, some kids, roller skates, skaters, but none of them look like they belong together. Where’s my true Cholo Skaters at? I know you’re out there!

Posted by: CASTRO | April 8, 2009

Nuckin Futz!!

Wow, take a nintendo Wii controller, slap on a bitchin spray can shell, and design some software that emulates spray paint, along with tips, drips, and the ability to change colors in a heartbeat, and you have a bad ass concept! I can only imagine the possibilities they have with this, it takes gaming and the art form to a whole other level! Some German students created this concept and I would believe the demand for something like this would be overwhelming. I hope it makes it to the shelf! I want it! I want it now!


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How many of you out there follow my daily happenings and read my posts, blogs, tweets, new art updates? I have for the longest time been spread so thin over so many different formats and forums, that it is getting impossible to keep up with everything. For the longest time I haven’t updated my websites, but instead I was updating the blogs and myspace because it was just easier. Even those, I have trouble finding the time to update with my latest work.

I guess it’s a good thing, being busy and all in this upside down economy. Of course, some things I can’t post. A lot of work I do, especially for Maisto is confidential, and I can’t post until the  product is available to the public (just in case you were wondering.) I currently have two twitter accounts (castro13 and gangsterbilly), 4 blogs (if you count Maisto’s Daily Dose, Castro13 aka The City of Dope (You’re Here), Vato’s Locos Forever, which I barely update because there’s just never enough time, and Gangsterbilly!), 4 myspace accounts, a facebook, and various websites (that I almost never have time to update).

So I’m thinking maybe I should be slimming it down, where you could go to one site, and find everything. What do you think? Would you rather just go to the Gangsterbilly blog and hear about my art and what not? Or should I keep them seperate? Or should I Keep only two and lose the rest…like keep Gangsterbilly and Vatos Locos Forever as my two sites and blogs, then lose this one and the rest…But everyone knows me as CASTRO, if I lose this blog, am I missing my audience? FU**!!! This really drives me crazy thinking about all of this! What are your thoughts?


Posted by: CASTRO | April 4, 2009

Friday Throwback!!!

When I was in high school I used to be a little knucklehead, I loved anything to do with throwing a middle finger up to authority figures! I was heavily into graffiti and lord only knows what else. I used to rock clothing from 187 Hudda, Sucker Brand, Dickies, and what not. I was looking through some folders of my old drawings and stuff, and low and behold I found this old Sucker ad I saved. This shit brings back some memories…and look at the signature, Mr. Toons, sound familiar? YEAH!


Posted by: CASTRO | April 3, 2009


The homie Alex over at Classless Classics recently started up a blog. Check it out when you have some time!


Posted by: CASTRO | March 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I know you’ve probably heard about this movie over and over, saw the images, but I finally saw the trailer and was super stoked. This movie is going to be awesome, I love movies that make you remember what it was like to be a kid and have an imagination, and be free and wild! We need more stories and movies like this! The way things have changed not too many kids have an imagination, they don’t even play with toys any more, they learn how to walk and talk, then they are plugged in right away to ipods, cell phones, computer games, video games….for fuck’s sake…bring back the imagination, let kids be kids again! I have more on this rant, but I’ll save it for another day!

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March 24th, 2009 Brand new Del from his forthcoming free downloadable album Funkman. It will be available April 7th from Band Camp



Source: Soul Assassins

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I got hit up by Classless Classics to do a tee design and after a few sketch attempts, this is where we finally ended up! Alex was stoked and I was happy to see his vision through to the final product. He is a cool dude and I’m glad he gave me the opportunity to design something for his brand. He also just started a new blog check it out when you get a chance!


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